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Sonoma County Children’s Village has been licensed as a group home by the State of California since 2006. Until October 2015, the Village provided nurturing family-style homes to children and sibling groups in foster care, and had recently developed a successful program to reunify families out of foster care. The Village is a federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

New California legislation limits foster care placements in group homes, and as a result this year the Village population of children fell to a level where keeping our homes open was no longer economically feasible. The last 16 of our foster children and siblings were returned to local governmental foster care agencies by the end of October.

We are seeking your financial support to help us pay our mortgage along with other expenses while we work to re-open the Village. We, along with many of our donors, hope to establish a new advocacy effort to preserve the Village and its mission. Ultimately, we want the state to recognize the Village model as a pilot program, which keeps siblings together when in foster care, and strengthens families through our Family Reunification program.

As with any such effort, it takes time for legislative changes and new policies to be enacted.

There is no guarantee the legislative winds will change in favor of the Village. If we are not successful, the end result could be selling the Village property. Your financial support will at least give us needed breathing room, time, and the opportunity to save Sonoma County Children’s Village.

Our mission of keeping foster siblings and families together is too important to give up. We truly appreciate your support, in the past and in the future. Whether by writing a check to the Village, or writing a letter to your state senator or assemblyperson, please support our efforts to save the Village, to keep foster-care siblings together, and to reunify families.

All of our voices joined together can make a difference!

Our Mission:

The mission of Sonoma County Children’s Village is to provide nurturing, stable family homes in a multi-generational, enriched environment for children and their siblings in foster care.

Expanding the Role of Sonoma County Children’s Village

Our mission has always been to support the bond between siblings while in foster care. Siblings are often the core relationship within families. Over the years, our work has evolved to keeping siblings together while also attempting to help their families work toward reunification with their children.

During the past three years, the Village has helped over 30 families to gain parenting skills and find housing so that they regained custody of their children.

What is Family Reunification?

In an ideal world, every family would be stable, and every parent would be fully capable of raising and providing for their children.

Our program, the Family Reunification Center, teaches parenting skills and connects families with needed resources, such as housing and job assistance. The program is offered to certain, select bio/adopt/foster/kinship families of children and siblings who are living in the Village.

The process can take many months, and families must meet particular criteria to be successful. The children’s opinions are considered at all times. The beauty of the program is that the children continue to live in the stable, enriched environment of the Village during the process.

Why did the Village create the Family Reunification Center?

In recent years, federal, state and county foster care agencies have searched for solutions to the high numbers of children in foster care and group homes. California Assembly bills AB74 (2014) and AB403 (2015) seek to lessen reliance on group homes, and ultimately may eliminate them. The Village is licensed as a group home because there was no other category in which to place our unique model. Therefore, the Village was at risk due to AB74 and AB403.

The Village is taking this opportunity to enrich our model. We still continue our main mission of keeping siblings together, offering the placement of even larger sibling groups (three or more) which have a higher incidence of being split up. While the children live in our non-institutional, family-style setting, some of their parents are offered the opportunity to learn skills that may result in reunifying their families.


Sibling connections:

Sonoma County Children’s Village has embraced the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008, “which is the first Federal law to address the importance of keeping siblings together. Research indicates that maintenance of the sibling bond is crucial to child development and adjustment, especially for children who are separated from the only homes and parents they have ever known and are placed in unfamiliar settings with strangers.”  (Youth Law Center 2005, Vol. XXVI No. 4)

How to Contact Us:

Call (707)566-7044 or email info@socokids.org

Mailing Address:

1321 Lia Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95404