How we help

We seek to fulfill needs that are not or not sufficiently met by “the system”, the community or one of the many other wonderful organizations that help current and former foster youth. We have spent many hours meeting with other organizations and agencies in the space to research available services and identify needs. As a result, we are currently focusing on the following areas:

  • Meeting individual needs
  • Fostering enrichment programs
  • Fostering foster care

Meeting individual needs

We fund specific needs for individual foster youths on a case-by-case basis.


As of summer 2017, we have already approved to fund orthodontic treatments for five youths in foster care. Orthodontics are almost impossible to get paid for through Medi-Cal, so many foster children who desperately need braces to improve their dental health and/or self esteem do not get them.  

Driver’s Training

We help fund professional drivers’ training for current and former foster youth. These young people often have no opportunity to learn to drive from parents or other adults. Yet, being able to drive is often a critical skill in Sonoma County, helping young people hold a job, pursue an education and find somewhat affordable housing.

Other individual needs

Specialized therapy for an autistic child, piano lessons, summer camp for two siblings who are in foster care because their single parent is deployed with the military and an after-school cheer program are examples of other needs that we have funded that would have otherwise gone unmet.

The foster care community is excited that we are here to help with these urgent needs, and so are we!

Do YOU have a need? If a foster youth or foster family has a specific need that meets the following criteria:

  • you have tried but cannot find funding for it elsewhere, and
  • fulfilling the need would significantly enhance the well-being of the foster youth or their prospects for a better future, or
  • it would enable a foster family to take in siblings,

contact us at so we can send you the application form. All applications need the approval of the social worker. Each application is evaluated by the Board of Directors and decided on a case-by-case basis.

Fostering Enrichments

We support trauma-informed programs that enrich the lives of foster children. This summer, we funded a week long overnight camp for 24 children in Sonoma County through Royal Family Kids, a camp specifically designed for foster children. 

Fostering Foster Care

Short of having their own loving forever family, children need nurturing, stable and loving foster families. Which is why we help address the shortage of foster families in Sonoma County by raising awareness and supporting events, recruitment and training for foster families through partner organizations. We were one of the proud sponsors of the 2017 inaugural Celebrate Foster Care event in Santa Rosa and provide stipends for foster parents as trainers for new foster parents in a new program put on by a collaboration of foster family agencies. We are also exploring ways to support foster families in their often challenging task.

… and more to come

It is still early in the new phase of the Sonoma County Children’s Village. We continue to follow the changing policy environment and to explore how we can have the biggest impact. We have recognized the need to work in close collaboration with other organizations in the foster care field to effect change and help foster children as best as possible. Stay tuned!