Meet our Team

We are a small team of engaged volunteers, united in our passion to serve the children and young people who are not fortunate enough to have a consistently stable and nurturing family. Some of us have been friends and supporters of the Sonoma County Children’s Village since its inception as a family-style group home, others didn’t join the organization until after the physical village had already closed its doors. And while we were all saddened by the closure of the village as a home for foster children, we decided to move on and make the best of the situation.

We are excited by the possibilities this organization now offers, and the children we can help, not limited by the constraints a physical village or changes in policy may impose. 

Our Officers:

Jackie Crook, Board President 

Nancy C. Dougherty, Board Vice President

Roberta Holleman, Treasurer

Sean Ramsey, Secretary


Administrative support:

Sarah Law


Our Board of Directors:

Jackie Crook, Board President

Nancy C. Dougherty, Board Vice President 

Sean Ramsey, Secretary

Beate Borstelmann-Min, Board Member

Paige Weatherly, Board Member